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"Eleven years old and still learning"

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Orange is the New Black featuring Grace Helbig.

i gotta catchup on oitnb s2!

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dat little smile doe (x)

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I picked up an issue of Cosmopolitan the other day that had tips for job interviews, because I was like, ‘I need to get better at interviews.’ The article was basically about how to get someone not to hate you in 20 minutes. Every single thing they told you not to do, I was like, ‘I do that every day.

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Well it looks like people have a lot of questions…

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Grace laughing on your blog 3

More like Grace laughing at your blog

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No, Grace. We didn’t make our urls based on something you said on your video. Or your names. Or youtube channels. Or your various projects. Or your dog. Or something you wore. Or your ship names. 

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So after this last MDK, I feel really bad for all the hate that Hannah is getting, but what is bothering me most is the hate that she is getting about promoting her book.

Like really?

She wrote a book.


and she is allowed to promote that and be as proud about that as much as she likes, because it’s a big fucking deal.

I just really can’t believe people are giving her hate over this. Hannah is such an amazing person who does so much for so many people; she doesn’t deserve hate to begin with. And now she is excited about her book and is excited to share it with us and is obviously proud of it, and people are mad about that???

Just stop. Hannah doesn’t deserve this, she deserves our love and support.

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That one time things got real on a Winestream (x)

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